Pauls Campaign is a charity established to help spread awareness about sarcoma cancer and help those already suffering.  Sarcoma is a form of cancer that grows in the bone, muscle, nerve, cartilage and other tissues around the body. Sarcoma is quite rare and needs more research to be done in order to improve the diagnostic and treatment processes. In order to survive sarcoma early diagnosis is necessary.

The charity was named after Paul Coyle who died when he was 26 of sarcoma cancer. Paul had noticed something was wrong but he or his parents had never heard of sarcoma and by the time they had found out it was too late. There are very few people in Northern Ireland that have been diagnosed with sarcoma but there are likely people living with sarcoma that don’t know they have it or have never heard about it.

Pauls campaign aims to help in 3 ways; educate the general public about sarcoma so they can spot the red flags, help those already diagnosed get the treatment they need and raise awareness with doctors, politicians & medical bodies to speed up the diagnostic process. By raising funds by doing fundraisers and events Pauls campaign can continue to raise the awareness and help those already diagnosed. Pauls campaign has already been in discussions with The British Medical Association who have since set up a diagnostic process where if a doctor notices 2 red flags then they will bring the patient back in 2 weeks and do an ultra sound if it hasn’t improved.